Armor Lid Video Testimonial
After spending a year with an Armor Lid on his truck, Mike's Road Trip enjoyed it so much that he made a video and wrote a review of his experience. Here's a link to his review of Armor Lid right after he put it on his truck.

How much did Mike love his Armor Lid? Here's what he had to say about it (these are his words - we're just repeating them):
• It’s made out of automotive-grade ABS plastic with UV protective polymers, which prevents the tonneau from warpage and discoloration under direct sunlight.
• Textured surface that resists scratches.
• Very easy to install…takes about 30 minutes. I’ve never taken it off, but all you have to do is remove two clips, and slide it forward slightly to release it from the brackets.
• Two metal locks to secure your belongings while providing a weather tight storage area.
• Best part…the price! Not only did the Armor Lid meet all my requirements, but the price is below many comparable products.

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