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 Bed rug makes carpeted truck bed liners, bed mats, tailgate protectors, and cargo van liners. The Bed rug carpeted truck bed liner / bed mat provides excellent bed protection and looks great at the same time. This carpeted bed liner is form fitted to your truck bed rib configuration to ensure an exact fit for each specific application. Unique carpet system is weather proof and features a foam backing that protects the bed floor and will not scratch the bed surface. Constructed from 12 oz. marine grade, mildew resistant carpet that will not absorb dirt, oil, or moisture and is easily washed out. Bedrug is durable enough for work, but also comfortably soft enough for tailgating or camping. Bedrug installs easily and is warranted by the manufacturer as long as you own the vehicle. Click the link above to search all Bed Rug products and find the applications that fit your vehicle.