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Love your sunroof but hate the additional cabin noise? New car buyers often use their sun/moon roof the most in the first month of ownership, and then they grow tired of the noise and turbulence it causes. Your vehicle cuts through the air and the opening in the roof allows all that fast-moving air to come inside, making your vehicle not so aerodynamic. The Sunroof Wind Deflector by WeatherTech redirects the air to cut down interior noise and turbulence so you can enjoy the drive. The Sunroof Wind Deflector is made of 4mm thick, smoke tinted cast acrylic that is both durable and attractive. The deflector is crafted in Germany, where they know a thing or two about engineering. Instead of air going into the interior, the deflector directs it up and over the sunroof. Noise is greatly decreased and a sudden gust of air is less likely to affect your smooth drive. The tinted shield does double duty as a sun visor for driver and passengers. The deflector attaches to your vehicle with a fastening system specifically designed for your vehicle. The edge of the deflector is trimmed in rubber to prevent marring of the paint. The Sunroof Wind Deflector looks sharp and will increase your comfort as you drive. Don’t let noise keep you from enjoying your sunroof! The Sunroof Wind Deflector by WeatherTech will greatly reduce the amount of noise and turbulence in the passenger cabin so you can drive in peace.

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